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Spark+Play Events

Spark+Play Events Is A Non-Profit Whose Mission Is To Spread Positive Cannabis Awareness.

Event Planning

Our events have a focus on showcasing the positive results of infusing Cannabis with many iterations of play. One of our previous video-game tournament themed events was filled with guests who were both Thrilled and Surprised that such an experience existed and were excited to hear more was coming in the near future.

Virtual Event Solutions

We are able to bring the community together from the comfort of wherever you are. Even on very popular dates virtual events allow anyone to have a drop in experience via social media.

In-Person Events

"Fun" "safe" "inclusive" "not what we expected in the best possible way" have all been ways our guests describe our events. We know how to throw events that people want to be a part of because we throw events that we ourselves wish existed. Being a Non-Profit means knowing how to connect with the public in a positive way that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Crafting Experiences, Building Memories

We Create Elevated Experiences When We Combine Cannabis And Play.

What We Do

From Concept to Execution:
Our Comprehensive Event Services.

How We Make Every Event Unforgettable.


Consultation and Vision Clarification


Detailed Planning and Coordination


Execution and On-Site Management


Post-Event Wrap-Up the event day


Rob and Don sit down with Try A Ting to give a broader view of Spark+Play and debunk negative associations with cannabis.

Ready to be a partner?

Spark+Play Events, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading Positive Cannabis Awareness (PCA) through in-person and virtual events sponsored by businesses and Cannabis stakeholders. Spark+Play Events offers unique opportunities for investing in strategies that improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across the sector. Investing in strategies to disseminate Positive Cannabis Awareness (PCA) is of equal importance, if not more, to help foster market penetration in areas where a negative stigma is still prevalent.