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PCA takes the model of DEI and improves upon it, not only for the Cannabis industry but for the corporate world as well.











1. Inclusion

With the numbers to sustain it, more than one third of Canadians partake in Cannabis in some form. Be it Flower, oils, cosmetics, vape, medicinal therapy, culinary, to name a few, Cannabis is here to stay. There is an inherent lack of representation in the corporate environment of inclusivity when it comes to Cannabis.

Take away: Having a drink with work associates or even clients has never had the stigma attached to it such as one that has plagued the Cannabis industry far too long. While there is plenty of studies that will point to the detriment of alcohol, in turn, Cannabis studies have many positive health benefits associated to it.

2. Acceptance

Long gone are the days of the stereotypical visual of the “stoner” hiding out in the garage. Today’s Cannabis enthusiast or medicinal therapeutic patient are your corporate C-Suite, your account directors, your supervisors, your teachers, your politicians, your judges, your carpenters, your mechanics, your librarians, the list keeps going for the number of professionals who consume Cannabis. Over one third of Canadians partake in Cannabis, so what’s taking so long for corporate to accept it?

Take away: Cannabis is no longer hidden from the public. Cannabis is consumed by the movers and shakers of today’s society just as casually as alcohol. We need to reframe the corporate rules to reflect the societal changes towards Cannabis.

3. Understanding

One of the first thoughts that often comes to mind of the non-Cannabis consumer when the topic comes up is “how do they even function on that stuff?” Well, the answer to that is multi-faceted. Some are medicinal patients who without Cannabis would not be ABLE to function. Some are non-alcohol consumers who choose Cannabis as there means of relaxation after a hectic workday. Some are creatives who use Cannabis as a tool to be ABLE to work in high demand creative work roles such as art directors, authors or even software developers. Some use it to help them focus and study for exams such as adult university or college students.

Take away: The knowledge that Cannabis is not only used recreationally is key to understanding why people consume Cannabis.

4. Diversity

There is no single visual cue of the average Cannabis consumer the same way there is no visual cue for the average alcohol consumer. Cannabis consumers come from every walk of life you can imagine. From the high society aristocrat to the average public sanitation worker to the bank teller at your home branch, the look of Cannabis is extremely diverse in nature. Over one third of Canadians consume Cannabis so what is with the lack of representation in the Canadian corporate world?

Take away: Historically rooted in society, racialized communities in Canada have been disproportionally impacted by arrests for Cannabis possession, despite similar or lower rates of consumption compared to non-racialized communities.

5. Equity

Equity is the step ladder in the break room for those who can’t reach the cups on the top shelf. Equity is John smoking a tobacco cigarette while Jane enjoys a Cannabis cigarette on lunch break. It is important to grasp the key differences between equity and equality to truly understand the need for Equity when it comes to Cannabis. While Johns tolerance of Cannabis may be a hinderance to his work performance, Jane is able to excel in her career with Cannabis.

Take away: We cannot use our own personal experiences with Cannabis to judge it’s effect on others as tolerances vary from one individual to the next.


What we intend to do with the funds raised

Spark+Play is a non-profit organization that consists of a diverse staff from all walks of life. We individually have strong ties to the various the communities we stemmed from. We have each built a large network of professionals from various industries such as, new home construction, carpentry, mechanics, software developers, public servants, HVAC, natural gas installation, teachers, apparel designers, photographers, executives, ad agencies, to name few and intend to utilize this vast network of services for the public benefit of our communities. Our goal is to not only improve upon services currently found in our communities but also the installation of new services that will have a substantial impact for the people which comprise them, by way of:

  • Community centre renovations
  • Construction of new facilities
  • After school program sponsorship
  • Education scholarships
  • Work force training
  • Construction of affordable housing 
  • Hands on approach to community assistance
  • Assisting of the Cannabis community to meet regulation standards

The strong economic growth of the Canadian Cannabis industry needs a honorable proponent to funnel a portion of this growth back into communities most in-need.

Spark+Play Events was rooted from the idea of highlighting the unlimited amount of positive ways Cannabis can have a positive impact to our communities all while having a great time.

The Canadian Cannabis industry is what gave birth to Spark+Play however the mission of Spark+Play is a universal concept. One that is not tied down to any territory. Spark+Play have plans to extend our mission of Positive Cannabis Awareness globally.

By The Numbers

Over 1 in 3 Adults use Cannabis*

In 2023, more than one-third of adults aged 18 to 24 years (38.4%) and 25 to 44 years (34.5%) reported using cannabis in the previous 12 months, compared with 15.5% of adults aged 45 years and older.

About 1 in 10 adults aged 18 to 24 years (8.7%) and 25 to 44 years (10.3%) reported using cannabis daily or almost daily in the previous 12 months, compared with 4.8% of adults aged 45 and older. *

Over two-thirds of Canadians who used cannabis in the previous 12 months bought legal cannabis *

With more than 3,000 legal cannabis stores in Canada, over two in three cannabis consumers bought from the legal market. Among those who used cannabis in the 12 months before the survey, just over 7 out of 10 (71.7%) bought exclusively from legal sources.

The main reasons reported for buying cannabis from a legal source were product safety (38.0%), convenience (16.9%) and a desire to follow the law (12.9%). *

Sales of recreational cannabis by provincial cannabis authorities and other retail outlets increased 15.8% to $4.7 billion in the 2022/2023 fiscal year*

Most of the increase was due to higher sales of inhaled extracts (+59.0%), which accounted for one-quarter of total cannabis sales.

Dried cannabis remained the top seller in 2022/2023, accounting for almost two-thirds (64.9%) of sales.

Canadians of legal age spent on average $150 per year per person on cannabis in 2022/2023. *

*Information captured from https://www.statcan.gc.ca/o1/en/plus/6091-cannabis-consumption-canada

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